Plane Crash in Durango, Mexico

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Approximately 85 people were injured as a result of a plane crash in Mexico on Tuesday.

An Embraer plane flying for Aeromexico crashed moments after take-off in Durango.

According to Reuters, the medium-sized plane was nearly full, with 103 people, including two children and four crew members.

Passengers said that during the take-off there was heavy rain and strong wind, which may have caused the crash. After the disaster, the plane’s passengers were able to escape before it started burning.

Durango Governor José Rosas Ayporuro said that wind gusts had begun to shake the plane before it started to descend.

The left wing of the plane then struck the ground, knocking out two engines before the Embraer finally came to a stop 300 meters from the runway.

Mexico Civil Protection Agency representative Alejandro Cardos said that about 85 people sustained minor injuries, 37 were hospitalized, and two are in critical condition.