Pension reform, food panic: what happened in Ukraine in 2011

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The year 2011 was remembered by Ukrainians for protests, the start of pension reform and food panic. In 2011, Yulia Tymoshenko received a prison term. And this year brought our country prestigious world boxing awards of Klitschko brothers and new football arenas. In addition, 2011 is associated with the revolution in the field of television travel.

We tell about it in the new issue of the documentary series “30 years of Independence” on the UA TV channel.

On the eve of the New Year, the Verkhovna Rada distributes a printout among deputies. On the cover are two words – Pension reform.

The retirement age of women is equal to that of men – from 55 to 60 years. It gradually “grow”, in ten years. Secondly, this will require more work for both – 30 years for women and 35 years – for men. The opposition will assure – a lie, pensions will only decrease. Against – and countless Ukrainians. The argument for is an IMF requirement for a loan. 

Ukrainians, who are subject to the reform, meanwhile are beginning to count the length of service – in other words, the years for which their employer paid contributions and many are not count. 

In 2011, the minimum pension will be increased by UAH 16. It will be UAH 800. And in the decade during which the reform will last, it will grow by only UAH 1,000 – up to UAH 1,769.

Also this year, Ukrainians are gripped by food panic. The main deficit is buckwheat. It was grown little last year. Initially, it rises in price from UAH 14 to 20. And then disappears. It is decided to import buckwheat from China. The Chinese should cost a compromise of UAH 17-18, when such a price appears – as it happens in a panic – the excitement weakens. The next food panic will hit the country in 2015 – due to the dollar exchange rate.

Stadiums of NSC “Olimpiyskiy” (“Olympic”) in Kyiv for 17 thousand seats and “Arena Lviv” for 34 thousand seats are strategic objects for Euro-2012. A year ago – projects and unfinished, but in 2011 – a reality. With scandals and shocking rates – handed over and even accept the first games.