Patriot should get Ukraine: reasons were named in Poland

The deployment of Patriot missile defense systems in Ukraine is also beneficial for the security of the southeastern part of Poland. This was announced by the Minister of Defense of Poland Mariusz Blaszczak, FREEDOM reports.

“It’s all about reaction time. Patriots stationed in eastern Poland will be able to shoot down missiles crossing the Polish border, but the tragic event of November 15 happened just a few kilometers from the Ukrainian border. This rocket flew to Polish territory in a few seconds. This time is not enough to bring it down effectively, ”explained the Polish Minister of Defense.

The second reason in favor of deploying the Patriot missile defense system in Ukraine Blaszczak called the possibility of interpreting the downing of a Russian missile over Ukrainian Polish territory as Poland’s entry into the war.

“To shoot down such a missile over Ukrainian territory would mean Poland’s entry into the war, and we don’t want that. Placing a Patriot in western Ukraine enhances the security of both western Ukraine and Poland,” the head of the Allied Defense Ministry emphasized.

The third reason in favor of transferring the Patriot to Kyiv Blaschak called the possibility of a blackout in Ukraine due to a lack of anti-missile systems and, as a result, an increase in Ukrainian refugees to Europe.

“Intense rocket attacks on Ukrainian power plants lead to a lack of access to electricity. As a result, in winter they will cause another wave of refugees, and from the point of view of the security of both Ukraine and Poland and all of Europe, it is better that another wave of refugees does not occur, ”he explained.

Fourth, Blaszczak disagreed with the argument that the Patriot was supposedly “too high-tech” for Ukraine.

“The German Patriot is an old version, from the 1980s, so it cannot be said that they are technologically advanced … Equipment has already been transferred to Ukraine, much more technologically advanced than the German Patriots — I mean the HIMARS systems,” the Polish Minister of Defense said.

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