Participation of the Russian Federation in the second peace summit: the expert named the conditions

Igor Popov. Photo: Facebook / Igor Popov

Already in the fall, countries can gather for a second peace summit in Saudi Arabia. The presence of the Russian Federation at it is possible, but it will depend on Moscow’s reaction to the results of the first summit, both official, set out in the resolution, and those that will be achieved as a result of closed negotiations. An expert at the Ukrainian Institute of the Future, Igor Popov, said this on air on the FREEDOM TV channel.

“In addition to the official resolution, we can predict that there will be some results of closed negotiations that will cover a wider range of issues. And this proposal will also be transmitted to the Russian Federation. These are the points that will probably not be discussed from open stands. This concerns the actual territorial integrity of Ukraine and the withdrawal of Russian troops. And if some understanding is found, then such a meeting cannot be ruled out,” he comments.

Popov recalled that representatives of Switzerland spoke about the possibility of Russia’s participation in the peace summit this spring.

“But then they supported the Ukrainian position and said that the first summit was without Russia, but at the second Russia should come with an answer to the questions asked. This idea is supported by both China and Brazil, so there is a possibility of this happening,” says an expert from the Ukrainian Institute of the Future.

At the same time, Popov stressed that before the second summit, if it takes place, Ukraine must strengthen its negotiating position.

“By the time of the possible second summit, Ukraine expects to receive an important diplomatic decision at the EU summit, at the NATO summit, at the Berlin reconstruction conference, at the G7 summit. All this will take place in the next month and a half,” noted the guest of the broadcast.

Russia, for its part, according to the expert, will increase military pressure.

“Unfortunately, our military experts warn about this that an escalation is possible on the front line so that Russia demonstrates its advantage in shells and a number of other types of weapons,” he added.

The broadcast guest believes that the resolution of the first summit will be conveyed to Moscow through intermediaries, preferably several.

“Surely there are closed negotiations going on. These may be countries acceptable to both Ukraine and the Russian Federation in order to conduct such negotiations. Perhaps one of them is Saudi Arabia. President Zelensky is going on a visit literally tomorrow, if I’m not mistaken, or the day after tomorrow to Saudi Arabia to meet with the leadership of this country, where he will thank for the assistance already provided in various areas. And, of course, they will discuss the participation of Saudi Arabia in the peace summit, and, possibly, assistance from Saudi Arabia, and the participation of other member states of the League of Arab States, and, perhaps, the greater role that both Saudi Arabia and [hereditary] himself Prince of Saudi Arabia] Mohammed bin Salman can play a role in a peaceful settlement in Ukraine,” said Igor Popov.

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