Orban and Stoltenberg reach compromise on Ukraine

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Budapest on June 12. Photo: Jens Stoltenberg/X

As the Hungarian leader and NATO Secretary General met in Budapest on June 12, they focused on Hungary’s position on support for Ukraine, often different from the other member states.

This was reported by RTL and 24.hu

Jens Stoltenberg claims NATO is fine with Hungary not joining its initiatives, both militarily and financially, to help Ukraine as it will not block them.

“In our meeting today we agreed modalities for Hungary’s non-participation in NATO support for Ukraine while enabling others to move forward. Hungary continues to fulfill all its NATO commitments and remains a valued Ally,” Stoltenberg wrote on X.

Orban assured him that Hungary remains a “loyal and committed member of NATO”.

“We could state our position every time, but we don’t have enough power to change opposite opinions. That is why we made it clear that we do not want to block NATO decisions that differ from our interpretation of the situation. What we focused on is that all actions outside NATO territory, according to NATO rules, can only be voluntary. This was confirmed by the Secretary General at today’s hearing,” Hungarian Prime Minister explained.

While accepting the decision of the Hungarian government, Stoltenberg hinted on whose side the state is, mentioning Hungary alongside Russia.

“Viktor Orbán made it clear that Hungary and Russia do not wish to participate in these efforts and I accept this,” said the NATO chief.

Jens Stoltenberg expressed his hope that NATO will be able to fully take over coordinating military assistance for Ukraine, making it as predictable as possible.

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