The New US Secretary of State Hopes that Ukraine Will Do its Part to Enter NATO

Photo from Ukrinform-UATV

The new U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said there’s a significant group of NATO allies who hope that Ukraine will take the necessary actions to become a candidate for full NATO membership. He also said that there would be “no business as usual” with Russia until it implements the Minsk Agreements to end violence in eastern Ukraine.

“So there was a discussion today about Ukraine, Ukraine’s potential entry to be a NATO partner. But there’s much work to do along the way to achieve that. I think that I was careful to describe consensus when there were lots of different voices about how to approach it and what the right actions that ought to be taken to achieve it, I think there was a large group who are hopeful that the Ukrainians will begin to take the actions to put them in the place where they could actually become an aspirant to become a NATO member,” said Mike Pompeo.