New Finnish President rejects relations with Russia

Alexander Stubb. Photo: Alexander Stubb/X

The winner of the presidential election in Finland, Alexander Stubb, claims no political relations with Russia considered until it wages its war in Ukraine.

This is according to the Finnish media Yle.

“The policy towards Russia is simple. Diplomatic and official relations remain, but there are no relations with Russia at the political level, and there will be no relations until Russia stops the war in Ukraine,” Stubb said.

Finnish newly-elected leader said Finland’s position on backing Ukraine in the war with Russia would not change.

“I would like to continue the line of Sauli Niinistö,” Stubb stated, referring to his predecessor.

He stressed that now NATO and EU membership strongly affect Finland’s foreign and security policy as Russia has invaded Ukraine.

In the context of the Russia-Ukraine war, journalists brought up the issue of the Russia-Finland border. Stubb said Finland is managing the crisis well.

Stubb intends to take an active position as a supreme commander-in-chief and modernize Finnish ground forces.

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