National selection for Eurovision-2018: first three finalists named

Photo by Ukrinform–UATV

Finalists of the first semi-final of the national selection for Eurovision-2018 were VILNA, LAUD and The Erised. They got the highest number of points during the live broadcast on February 10.

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The Erised


The following artists competed for the right to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision-2018 in the first semi-final:

CONSTANTINE with the song “Misto” (City)

Serhii Babkin with the song “Kriz Tvoyi Ochi” (Through Your Eyes)

LAUD with the song “Waiting”

KAZKA with the song “Dyva” (Wonders)

The VIO with the song “Nga-Nga”

KOZAK SYSTEM with the song “Mamai”

VILNA with the song “Forest Song”

Pur:Pur  with the song “Fire”

The Erised with the song “Heroes”

A week later, nine Ukrainian artists will enter the stage of national selection. In the second semifinal we will see: INGRET, MELOVIN, JULINOZA, TAYANNA, KADNAY, Yurcash, Mountain Breeze, ILLARIA and DILEMMA.

Guest stars also performed during the first semi-final of national selections. Czech Republic representative Mikolas Josef performed his song “Lie to Me”.

Also, O.Torvald band returned to the stage of the Ukrainian national selection. The musicians performed the composition “Likhtari” (“Lanterns”) from the new album “Bisaidy”.