Mykolayiv region is impossible to capture for Russians, – governor Vitaliy Kim

While the front lines in southern Ukraine are rather stretched out and the situation remains tense. Kim insisted that Ukraine has everything in hand near Mykolayiv.

Should the Russian offensive pick up the pace and see them advance forward even a kilometer a day, it would take at least a month to cover 30 kilometers, the governor noted.

Kim suggests that Moscow will try to conquer the rest of Kherson Oblast.

“Russians would first seek to reach the boundary of Kherson Oblast, attempting to achieve some sort of ‘victory.’ Nevertheless, we’re currently moving forward in Kherson Oblast, liberating it inch by inch. How could Moscow’s troops hope to mount an offensive, as their supply depots and command centers keep exploding, and Russian generals refuse to cross the Dnipro River?” – said Kim.

A Russian attack on Mykolayiv resulted in at least 22 civilian casualties on Aug. 5, according to local officials.

Moreover, Russian forces unsuccessfully attempted to advance on Lozove, Kherson region, likely targeting the Ukrainian bridgehead over the Inhulets River, – ISW

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