Most people ignored Putin’s sham referendum in the Kherson region, – Deputy of the Kherson Regional Council Sergey Khlan

The results of Russia’s sham “referendums” regarding the occupied part of the Kherson region have long been known, they were presented as the results of “opinion polls”, according to which 80% will come to the polls, and 78% will vote “yes”. This was announced today, on September 27, by the deputy of the Kherson Regional Council Serhiy Khlan on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel.

Khlan reminded us that September 27 is the last day of the fake “vote”, which the Russian occupiers called the “referendum”.

“The results have already been known for quite a long time, they were published probably 10 days ago under the guise of “opinion polls”. And then the occupiers reported that 80% would come to the “polling stations”, and 78% would vote “for”. As of yesterday morning (September 26 – ed.), the occupiers have already announced that supposedly 50% of the people have voted. One interesting thing is what they consider these 50% from, because 70% of people left the occupied territory of the Kherson region, ” – summed up the deputy of the regional council.

Khlan stressed that there were no people at the “polling stations” in the Kherson region, and called the sham “referendum” a farce.

“This is an absolute farce that has absolutely nothing underneath. And if we take into account the fact that there are absolutely no people at the polling stations. Except for two dramatizations that took place with imported theater groups near the drama theater. Russians filmed their propaganda videos there. But it was clear that this is a very well-coordinated theatrical group that did all this in a very affected way, ” – said the deputy.

Khlan compared this action to a theatrical performance, which, moreover, took place at gunpoint.

“The so-called “exit commissions” traveled with small boxes. As they say, 300 ballots are placed there, then it is packed. It cannot be opened until the end of the “referendum”. And from what they say, there should be 1,700 such urns. They simply do not exist in nature. Plus, with each such urn, two or three military men, a driver and two collaborators came. Imagine, it was such an extras throughout the region with such walking. This is a pure theatrical performance, which has absolutely nothing underneath. And they will announce the results tomorrow morning (September 28, – ed.). And we will see the results that are already clear, which they published in their fake “opinion polls,” – Khlan emphasized.

According to him, people were forced to fill out several ballots.

“The submachine gunners flooded the muzzles of their submachine guns and looked very intently. Meanwhile, the collaborators said to put a tick here and you can fill out 3-4 more ballots, because you have friends and acquaintances. This is how this sham referendum happened, ” – Khlan said.

He emphasized that the majority of people in the region ignored this staged “vote”.

“The majority ignored it, simply did not take part in this farce. Those who voted are a tiny percentage. After all, these four days were actually extinct and the cities and villages of the Kherson region, ” – said Khlan.

On September 23-27, in the temporarily occupied settlements of Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporizhia, and Kherson regions, an illegal vote on joining the Russian Federation is being held.

On the first day of the so-called sham “referendum”, the occupying authorities in Kherson filled the “polling stations” with extras and filmed propaganda videos for broadcast on Russian TV channels. The next day, there were no extras, they returned to the territory of the Russian Federation and the occupied Crimea.

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