Moscow is trying to drive a wedge between official Chisinau and Kyiv: the goal was explained by a former member of the Venice Commission

Maia Sandu and Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Photo:

The only threat to the security of Moldova was and remains Transnistria, since Russian occupation troops and huge stockpiles of weapons are located there. But Russia will get a real chance to play this card if it destroys normal relations between Kyiv and Chisinau. The Minister of Justice of Moldova said this in 2009-2011. and 2018, Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Moldova in 2011-2017, ex-member of the Venice Commission Alexandru Tanase on FREEDOM.

“It’s not for nothing that Moscow is trying to drive a wedge between official Chisinau and Kyiv. This is very important for Moscow. If they can destroy normal relations between our countries, then they again have the opportunity to somehow use the Transnistria card. “I am very glad that both President Zelenskyy and President Sandu are taking a very reasonable approach and coping with the challenges and provocations that the Russian special services and the Russian authorities are constantly trying to activate in our region,” he noted.

According to Tanase, Chisinau and Kyiv are in a natural political alliance, since the Kremlin’s achievement of strategic goals in Ukraine will lead to the destruction of Moldova’s statehood.

“In Chisinau, everyone is well aware that as long as Ukraine is at war, as long as Ukrainians fight and do not allow the occupiers to move west, we have a chance to survive. And we also understand perfectly well that if, God forbid, Russia were able to achieve some of its strategic goals and liquidate the Ukrainian state, naturally, the Republic of Moldova would cease to exist within two days. Therefore, our alliance is a political alliance, unwritten, but it is visible between Moldova and Ukraine, it is natural, because we depend directly on what is happening here,” said Alexandru Tanase.

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As previously reported, commenting on the resolution of the so-called “VII Congress of Deputies of All Levels” of the unrecognized “Transnistrian Moldavian Republic”, Alexandru Tanase noted that this, on the one hand, is an attempt by Tiraspol to remind of its existence, on the other hand, an attempt by Moscow to support its “fifth column” in Moldova. However, for now, it seems that Putin has no intention of involving Transnistria in the war.