“Mini-Holland” to Bloom in Kherson Region

Registration for a tour there has already begun, according to Zruchno travel.

The field of Dutch tulips will be opened to tourists during the flowering period. It is located on the lands of a Kherson farmer Oleh Demchenko, who planted pink and purple varieties of Dutch tulips. They already begin to come out.

The employees of the Kherson “Mini-Holland” say, that the farm can become a tourist attraction, but for one month only during the flowering period (March 8 to April 8).

Photo Ukrinform-UATV

“Group trips from different cities will be organized with the participation of travel agencies. There will be food, a show for children, photo zone, and master classes for florists. Also, a workshop on planting niche crops is planned, where anyone interested will be able to learn about the technology of cultivating tulips, asparagus, and saffron, and receive technological guidance,” they said.

“Mini-Holland” has only recently announced registration for tours, but has already attracted great interest.

Photo Prydnistrovya News

“Currently, 300 people register every day. And each will go in a group. There will be an extended registration tomorrow: those who have already registered will receive an expanded questionnaire by mail. We will know for sure how many people will come. Tulips bloom for a week, and there will be an option to choose a day of the week accordingly. You have to understand: we need to know how much food is needed, etc. Everyone registered will receive e-tickets for each person they can be printed or displayed on the phone at the entrance,” the florists say.