Martial law in Ukraine: What does it mean?

According to the Law of Ukraine “On the legal regime of martial law”, martial law is a special legal regime, introduced in Ukraine or in its individual areas in the event of armed aggression or the threat of attack, the danger of the state independence of Ukraine, its territorial integrity and provides for the provision to the relevant state bodies of the powers necessary to withdraw the threat, repel armed aggression and ensure national security.

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Martial law means:

  • a ban on amending the Constitution;
  • a ban on holding elections, referendums, strikes;
  • the introduction of labor service as a duty for able-bodied persons; the use of the capacity and labor resources of enterprises, institutions, and organizations of all forms of ownership for the needs of defense;
  • seizure for temporary use of property necessary for defense needs; protection of important objects of the national economy;
  • introduction of a curfew;
  • restriction of entry and exit, movement of citizens in the territory where the martial law regime has been introduced;
  • restriction of traffic;
  • verification of documents of citizens and searches of property;
  • prohibition of the activities of political parties, public organizations if they threaten national security;
  • monitoring the work of communications enterprises, publishing houses, television and radio organizations, theatrical, concert and entertainment, and other enterprises, institutions, and cultural organizations;
  • expropriation of property if necessary.

Additional: a ban on trade in weapons, strong chemical and poisonous substances; a ban on the sale of alcohol, a ban on conscripts and those liable for military service to change their place of residence without the knowledge of the military command; evacuation.

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