Lithuania ready to deploy ground troops to Ukraine – Landsbergis

Lithuanian Air Force troops. Photo: Lithuanian MOD/X

Lithuania is willing to join the French initiative on sending troops to Ukraine and transfer elements of the air defense system to contribute to Germany’s air defence assistance to Kyiv.

This was stated by Foreign Minister of Lithuania, Gabrielius Landsbergis, at the doorstep of the informal meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Prague on May 31.

“We have French initiative, you know, for training or sending troops to Ukraine. Again, Lithuania clearly indicates that we are ready. […] We indicate that we are ready to join with our radar systems that we are going to add are going to complement the equipment that’s being sent by Germany to Ukraine,” Landsbergis stated.

He is sure NATO should demonstrate all seriousness of its intentions regarding further support to Ukraine, including the issue of its NATO membership.

“I was serious about assisting Ukraine to win this war. I was serious to deter Russia. So that Russia has strategic dilemmas if it continues further in Ukraine, but also if it continues with its hybrid activities in Europe and in NATO,” the minister pointed out.

According to Landsbergis, the Alliance has been good at “good words and making promises”, but it should also start implementing them to prove the credibility of NATO itself.

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