Lithuania hands over six AMBER 1800 radar systems to Ukraine

Photo: Militarnyi

Lithuania has actively joined the German initiative to strengthen Ukraine’s air defence by announcing its intention to transfer 6 AMBER 1800 radar systems to Ukraine.

This was discussed during a meeting in Berlin between German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius and Lithuanian Defence Minister Laurynas Kasciunas, Ukrinform reports, citing the German Ministry of Defence.

Lithuania is part of the IAADImmediate Action on Air Defence initiative, launched by the German Ministry of Defence and the German Foreign Ministry and aimed at strengthening Ukraine’s air defence.

“The related delivery of six AMBER 1800 radar systems is Lithuania’s contribution to saving lives in Ukraine. Thank you for your participation in our air defence initiative,” Pistorius said.

He generally praised Lithuania’s strong support for Ukraine in its fight against Putin’s brutal war of aggression, calling the Baltic country’s contribution “unusually high”.

The German politician, in turn, emphasised his country’s contribution: Germany is transferring, among other things, the next Patriot system (Phased Array Tracking Radar to Intercept on Target), the training of which has already begun. Germany is also strengthening Ukraine’s air defence with IRIS-T systems, Gepard anti-aircraft tanks and artillery ammunition.

Germany leads the CC IAMDCapability Coalition Integrated Air and Missile Defence. Lithuania leads the Mine Action Coalition.

Amber-1800 is a ground-based mobile radar developed in Lithuania. It is designed to automatically detect airborne objects, their azimuth and range coordinates.

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