Latvian Saeima urges NATO members states to invite Ukraine to alliance in July in Washington

Saeima of the Republic of Latvia. Photo: Saeimas ziņas/X

The Parliament of the Republic of Latvia has issued a statement supporting Ukraine’s NATO membership.

The Latvian Parliament is convinced that all NATO member states should join Latvia in its support for Ukraine’s aspiration to become a NATO member. Moreover, it should be done at the NATO summit in Washington this July.

“The Saeima of the republic of Latvia considers it crucial to use all the opportunities provided by the NATO Washington Summit to jointly acknowledge the urgency of decisions and progress, expand the Alliance’s support for Ukraine through practical measures, and strengthen the NATO- Ukraine political partnership and calls on the parliaments of NATO member states to support Ukraine’s official application for NATO membership and urges the governments of NATO member states to support extending an invitation for Ukraine to join NATO at the NATO Summit in Washington, D.C., on 9-11 July 2024,” reads the statement.

The document states that Ukraine even ‘exceeds the individual readiness of some current NATO members’ when it comes to its readiness for NATO membership, which is imminent in any case.

Olena Kondratiuk has already thanked members of the Latvian parliament for advocating for Ukraine’s future in NATO and added that Ukraine joining the alliance is the best guarantee for long-term peace and security in Europe.

With this document, Latvia also reiterated its intention to keep supporting Ukraine in its war agains the aggressor and helping with reconstruction of Ukrainian cities, the Chernihiv region in particular.

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