Latin American countries should know truth about Russian aggression in Ukraine, – President Zelensky

It is extremely important that the countries of Latin America, in particular the Republic of Chile, know the truth about the war in Ukraine and join the sanctions policy against the Russian Federation. President Volodymyr Zelensky said this while communicating with students and teachers of higher education institutions in Chile. President’s office reported this.

The head of state underlined that Russia pursues the policy of a rapacious terrorist, uses the language of ultimatums and does not want to stop the war of aggression in Ukraine.

“They came to our land, started this war to destroy us. No mediators will suit them, because they are only interested in complete domination in Ukraine, so that we do not exist, so that there are no people who want to be independent. They do not see us as a member of the European Union. They do not see us as a democratic independent state. We are a colony for them,” the President said.

As Zelensky said, it is impossible to find a mediator between a country that defends its land and an aggressor who decided to destroy it and commits inhumane crimes.

“What can be mediators between people and animals? You will not find mediators, because Russia does not want to end this war,” the Head of State is convinced.

According to the President, the Russian Federation has significant media influence in the world and tries to keep entire regions in an informational vacuum, so it is very important that the countries of Latin America know the truth about the war in Ukraine.

“Therefore, I am grateful for the opportunity that I have today. I ask you to spread this information. And I invite journalists from Latin American countries to Ukraine – let them come and see for themselves. We don’t want to impose anything, we want to bring the truth to your countries,” Zelensky said.

The Head of State called on the political leaders of Latin American countries to increase pressure on the aggressor.

“It is very important for us that you join the sanctions policy of the European Union, the United States, Canada, and others, so that the countries of Latin America also do not trade with a terrorist state. Russia should know that the price for the war, for all these sacrifices, is high, so that it can be an example for other countries,” he said.

The President also talked about the reconstruction project of Ukraine. He said that a number of partner countries have already taken patronage over Ukrainian regions or settlements that suffered due to the Russian invasion and need infrastructure restoration.

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“There are states that have chosen this or that region or city, they help: business representatives come, specialists come, special equipment arrives, and they build our state together with us. That is, they are returning life to Ukraine. The countries of Latin America can do the same – choose one or another city they like and help people,” the Head of State said and expressed his wish that talented Chilean architects take part in the reconstruction of our country.

Zelensky also invited students from Chile to Ukraine.

“These are young energetic people who are not limited by anything. They can bring this energy to any society. I would like your students to come to us for student exchange, educational programs,” he added.

According to the President, the visit of citizens of Latin American countries to Ukraine will strengthen interpersonal relations and strengthen mutual trust.

“To trust and believe in everything that is happening in our country and what we are fighting for, you have to be here. I would like to invite each of you, from a political leader to an ordinary student: come here. I think you will enjoy getting to know our people. We have common values, we have a very warm society,” he said.

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Zelensky’s online communication with representatives of the university community took place on the basis of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Teachers and students of the leading Chilean higher education institutions joined the event online.