Kharkiv may become ‘second Aleppo’ if Ukraine receives no aid from US — Kharkiv Mayor

Destruction in Kharkiv. Photo: Ihor Terekhov/Telegram

Kharkiv risks becoming “a second Aleppo” unless US politicians resume military aid and help Ukraine obtain the air defense systems needed to prevent Russian missile and drone attacks.

Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov said this to The Guardian.

Terekhov is convinced that a $60 billion US military aid package, now stuck in the Congress, is of “critical importance” for Kharkiv in particular and urges the West to refocus on the two-year-old war.

“We need that [US military] support to prevent Kharkiv being a second Aleppo,” Ihor Terekhov stressed.

Aleppo is a city in Syria that was relentlessly bombed by Russia and its Syrian allies in 2016, Russia’s strategy then was to oust civilians, destroying hospitals, schools and water supply. It is supposed that Russia is now ready to do the same to Kharkiv as it has not enough resources to seize the city.

Kharkiv has been systematically attacked in the recent months, as Russia targets civilian infrastructure, the city suffers power outages. On March 22, Russia destroyed the biggest power plant in the Kharkiv region, Zmiivska Thermal Power Plant.

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