Izone Art Fair Takes Place in Kyiv

Graphics enthusiast Pavlo can spend up to 16 hours a day in his art studio, as practice helps him master his linocut craft. And today, the artist presents his print-made pictures at this New Year fair.

“Each print is a unique copy. Basically, it is impossible to replicate it. And it looks like non-man-made thanks to linocut,” graphic artist Pavlo Nikolaichuk said.

In this print-made technique, a design is cut into the linoleum surface with a sharp knife. And then – impressed onto paper or fabric.

A designer of handmade jewelry Tetiana Pashkovska finds wood as a great material for making her handmade jewelry with alternative designs and non-traditional ideas.

“I use silver and stabilized wood. It is wood infused with special polymers. It retains its texture and can have such fantastic colors. These are exotic trees that really have these colors,” Pashkovska said.

In contrast with Tetiana’s jewelry, these bright decorations and toys are made with the help of colors. First, craftswoman Anastasia Mikheyenko cuts a maquette from plywood.

“We cut a maquette with a laser and paint it. For example, these are our Christmas carolers. It is a Christmas decoration and a magnet. It’s a very nice gift for the New Year or just a decoration for the Christmas tree,” Mikheyenko said.

To fill this platform with coziness and festive mood, Anna plies visitors with tea.

“The ingredients in this composition are from different parts of the world. For example, in this composition, there is an orange from Turkey. I took a zither and added acacia grown in ecologically clean areas of the Odesa Region. It’s such a part of Ukraine,” tea seller Anna Shulpina said.

It was the idea of Lina Romanukha to unite the artists and craftsmen from all over Ukraine. After the Russian occupation of her home city of Donetsk, she moved to Kyiv and brought the Isoliatsia Platform for Cultural Initiatives with her.

“It’s a second year already we have organized such an art fair. And the main idea of this event is to invite young Ukrainian creative artists, designers, photographers and give them possibilities to show their work, meet each other,” the art fair organizer Lina Romanukha said.

And visitors to this art fair could buy exclusive works, enjoy Christmas films and drink a glass of mulled wine.