It turned out that the history of the Russian opposition politician is valued more than the tragedy of millions of Ukrainians in the center of Europe, – a political scientist about the Oscar

The American Film Academy in vain defiantly ignored the topic of the war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine. By awarding the film “Navalny”, the film academy wanted to say a few things. This was announced today, on March 13, on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel by political scientist Igor Reiterovich.

“First, they are ready and actually talk about politics, but they don’t want to talk about the war, they separated these two topics. And this is actually very revealing, and very ugly on the part of the film academy. Because you can endlessly deny the fact of the largest war in Europe, but this does not mean that people will not think about it and draw the appropriate conclusions. Moreover, when you try to present it through the prism of apoliticality, and then present this award to a film that, in Hollywood terms, is such a biopic of a political figure and in fact a PR is very bright and not very disguised by this politician, then questions arise regarding your sincerity and how are you going to file the procedure for the presentation of awards from the film academy in general, ”he said.

The second point, according to the political scientist, was such an attempt to show that there is a certain number of Russians with whom they are ready to communicate and, perhaps, it will be possible to agree with them on what the future world order of Russia will be like, in general the world order and international relations.

“And through such support of such films, in particular, this signal was transmitted. I’m not sure that he will get anywhere, because here the role of this person, with all due respect to him and understanding that he really is a prisoner of the Putin regime, it seems to me that it is somewhat exaggerated. And, by the way, this is very well seen in the film. It is presented there as much more significant than it really is. And his role in modern Russian politics is greatly exaggerated there,” says Reiterovich.

He also noted the speech itself when receiving the award of Navalny’s wife.

“Perhaps we would not have discussed all this if the people who came out for this statuette, in particular Navalny’s wife, in her short speech, remembered the war that her state is waging against Ukraine. And she said, for example, that she was categorically against this war, demanded that it be stopped and would call Putin to account. Then it would all look completely different, but it so happened that the history of the Russian opposition politician is valued more than the tragedy of hundreds of thousands, millions of people, which is now happening in the center of the European continent, ”Igor Reiterovich believes.

It should be noted that the ceremony of presenting the international annual award “Oscar” was held at night. The address of Volodymyr Zelensky was not shown there, moreover, they refused to the President of Ukraine. The documentary film “Navalny” about the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny received the main prize. His wife, who received the prize, did not say a word from the stage about Ukraine, not about the war unleashed by Russia.