It is important to pretend that the war is somewhere far away and does not concern ordinary Russians – Kurnosova on Putin’s election campaign

Olga Kurnosova. Photo:

The election campaign of the current president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, will be based on the demonstration that the Russians’ lives were not affected by the Russian Federation’s war against Ukraine. This opinion was expressed today, November 22, by political analyst and editor-in-chief of the After Empire portal Olga Kurnosova on the air of FREEDOM TV channel.

“There will be little attention to the war, but not because there is no loss there. The Kremlin has a television in its hands today, and it can make a profit out of any loss. The thing is that the losses are high, not all Russians are getting any benefit from this war, the economic situation is getting worse. Therefore, it is important to pretend that the war is somewhere far away, and that it does not concern ordinary Russians. The illusory well-being that exists is exactly what Putin will bet on,” she said.

The expert noted that Putin’s election campaign will be based on the illusory well-being that supposedly exists in Russia.

“Sanctions provided additional opportunities for businesses to build “gray” schemes to circumvent them. Quite a lot of all kinds of new businesses have sprung up, production inside Russia of what used to be imported. Life in big cities is not much worse than it was before the war. And Putin will build his election campaign on this relative well-being,” she stressed.