It is clear Russians are not willing to negotiate peace now, – General Mark A. Milley

U.S. General Mark A. Milley. Photo:

The Russian-Ukraine war may have reached its deadlock but it is not possible to start peace talks as Russians do not truly pursue the concept of just peace.

U.S. General said this during a public conversation at Princeton School of Public and International Affairs.

“It’s unlikely to achieve a political decision through military means. Therefore, both sides should recognize that and achieve an alternative method to solve the political problem. Now, the fact is you have to be realistic also. The Russians are clearly not ready to negotiate. Putin is not a trusted partner to negotiate with,” Milley stated.

He added that while Ukraine for that very reason is also not ready to launch negotiations, in the future it will be up to Ukraine to make decisions on the the process.

General Milley stressed that the world cannot allow Putin’s victory in Ukraine as it will innevitably lead to further aggression somewhere else after Ukraine and another, wider war.

“Aggression left unanswered or not appropriately answered only leads to more aggression […] And he [Putin] has demonstrated history of this. He’s attacked Crimea, he’s attacked Georgia […] He is trying to establish a geographic buffer zone,” General explained, adding that Putin’s behaviour is similar to Russian tsars and Soviets.

Thus, it is still essential for the West to keep providing consistent assistance to Ukraine.

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