Issue of providing aircraft to Ukraine has moved from a dead point, – Foreign Minister Kuleba

The issue of providing Ukraine with aircraft has moved from a dead point. The Ukrainian side informed its partners that this year we need to get all types of weapons necessary for victory.

“It [the issue of aircraft] has moved. And if it moves at the speed of, we hope, the same aircraft, then we will get the result quickly. In general, our task is very simple, it is articulated and conveyed to our partners, and the partners are aware of it: this year we should get all the necessary types of weapons we need for victory,” Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba said during the nationwide news telethon.

He supposes that new decisions on the supply of various types of weapons to Ukraine will be made at the next Ramstein format meeting in February “because we have a large-scale war, and this war requires large-scale amounts of weapons.”

“We have three big issues left: one, I believe, is almost solved – tanks, and two options that are not yet open are long-range missiles … and fighter jets. But you can already see in the media the first messages about someone somewhere already discussing the topic of aircraft. This was not the case before, but now it is already a reality,” the minister stressed.