Innovation Market 2019 in Kyiv

Smart trash cans, robot-gardeners, and systems that allow surveilling the situation on a battlefield using acoustics were some of the Ukrainian inventions of 2019, presented at the Innovation Market in Kyiv, where the best inventions will get funding from the government and private investors.

One of the inventions at the market allows you to control your weight by wearing glasses. Ukrainian schoolchildren Serhiy and Viktoria developed unique software that uses a camera, installed in glasses, to scan all of the products a person consumes over the course of day.


“The camera takes a picture, looks for the product on the internet and calculates its calories,” forum participant Viktoriia Konashchuk said.

“This will allow you to know precise information at 9 p.m. every day on the number of calories consumed and the changes in your weight,” forum participant Serhiy Lysin said.

Healthcare, security, and energy were among the topics presented at the “Innovation Market” fair. More than 250 startups from all over Ukraine attended.

“Thermo-acoustic generator is my project. It generates electricity. We heat heat-resistant glass. It creates sound inside the resonator. That vibrates the membrane. We put the coil next to the membrane and get electricity,” forum participant Bohdan Levchenko said.

“This is a painter-bot. On this stand, you can see how it works. It will put paintings on houses or cover them with a layer of primer. This project is created for high-rises,” a forum participant Maksym Marchenko said.

This was the fourth year in a row for the Innovation Forum. Its main goal is to support Ukrainian inventors – since potential investors also attend the forum.

“The forum is bringing together representatives of business, education, science, and authorities. It is also a place for communication,” co-organizer Oleh Holub said.

The organizers are sure that investment is not only about money but also about education. Therefore, they hold lectures and trainings for forum participants.

The calorie-control glasses creators have already signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Small Academy of Sciences. Serhiy Lysin will be an intern in a business incubator.