In the Black Sea, a naval ship of her Majesty entered the NATO Mine Action Team

On the afternoon of January 24, the British multipurpose military ship HMS Enterprise passed Bosphorus and entered the Black Sea. This ship (onboard 88) is the flagship of the permanent NATO SNMCMG2 mine-clearing group, – informs Military Navigator.

The group also includes mine sweepers – the Romanian F25 Lupu Dinescu and the Turkish M270 Akcay. Team Commander – Justin Hains (United Kingdom).

Photo from Andriy Klymenko’s Facebook, BlackSeaNews’ site editor

The Royal multipurpose ship “Enterprise” is designed to carry out geodetic works in the interests of submarine fleet, planning landing operations, searching for mines and other underwater objects.

Thanks to the presence of so-called azimuthal propulsion engines, the vessel is capable of staying at one point for a long time.

“Enterprise” was introduced into the Royal Navy in October 2003. Permanent crew – 48 people, but in case of need of certain specialists the number may increase to 80 and more if necessary. Autonomy lasts for more than 35 days.

The ship is armed with two anti-aircraft 20-mm autocannons “Erlikon”, three M134 Minigun machine guns and four 7.62 mm machine guns.