In a month and a half, the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed more Russian aircraft than the Russian Federation produces in a year, – aviation expert

Konstantin Krivolap. Screenshot:

The Russian Federation now has a shortage of both aircraft and pilots. The Ukrainian Defense Forces “shot” 35 out of 105 Russian aircraft. Aviation expert, former test engineer at the Antonov Design Bureau, Konstantin Krivolap, stated this on the FREEDOM TV channel. He emphasized that the Ukrainian Armed Forces shoot down more Russian aircraft than the aggressor country can produce in a year.

“In fact, in a month and a half, more planes were shot down than Russia produced in a year. And this is only the first month and a half, not even two more months. Therefore, this is a very serious defeat for Russia,” Krivolap noted.

The expert said that in 2021-2022 the Russians did not produce a single Su-34 aircraft. In previous periods, they made from 8 to 18 cars at the best of times.

“If we talk about the Su-34s, which were in Ukrainian airspace and took part in hostilities, then at the very beginning there were somewhere around 103-105 vehicles, and of these vehicles we have already shot about 35 vehicles.” ” That is, they have about 70-75 maximum of these bombers left,” Krivolap noted.

About 150 pilots in the Russian Federation graduate annually, and if you consider that after ejection not all of them return to duty, then there is also a shortage of military pilots in the Russian Federation.

“It takes at least 10 years to train pilots who can perform even the simplest missions. If we talk about complex missions – flying at night using instruments or flying in difficult weather conditions, then much more preparation is required, and hours of flight time are required. The cost of training a pilot for 10 years is 10 million. And the ability of Russian schools to graduate pilots is limited,” said Krivolap.

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