Immunization Week starts in Ukraine – citizens will be informed about the need for vaccination


In Ukraine on April 26, the week of immunization starts, within the framework of which a wide information campaign will be carried out to increase the number of vaccinations for the population, according to UATV

The importance of vaccination was discussed in the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. As Deputy Minister of Health Iryna Mykychak noted during a briefing, vaccinations have helped to overcome or reduce the incidence of many diseases. 

“This week, as in the whole of the world, we draw the attention of medical workers, scientists, citizens to the decisive influence of vaccination on the prevention of various diseases. Thanks to vaccination, humanity was able to overcome smallpox, the disease of poliomyelitis has decreased significantly. Every year, more than 750 000 children avoid disability due to poliomyelitis. During the fight against the pandemic, we need to pay special attention to routine immunization”, said Iryna Mykychak.

528 000 Ukrainians have already been vaccinated against coronavirus since the start of the immunization campaign. So far, only 5 people have received 2 doses of the vaccine in Ukraine. Over the past day, April 26, 1114 more people were vaccinated. Most of the vaccinations were made in Odesa, Kharkiv and Cherkasy regions.

More than a billion doses of COVID vaccines have already been used in the world.