If we let Putin win, we will all pay a much higher price – Stoltenberg

Putin’s victory in the war against Ukraine will make the world more dangerous: he or other authoritarian leaders will again use force to achieve their goals. This was stated by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at a press conference before the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the countries of the Alliance in Bucharest, FREEДOM reports.

“If we let Putin win, we will all pay a much higher price for years to come… There will be no lasting peace if the aggressor wins. If oppression and autocracy prevail over freedom and democracy. Most wars end in negotiations. But what happens at the negotiating table depends on what happens on the battlefield. Therefore, the best way to increase the chances of a peaceful solution is to support Ukraine,” the NATO Secretary General stressed, assuring that the Alliance would continue this support for as long as necessary.

Stoltenberg noted that due to the war, Europe and the whole world faced difficulties, in particular, the rise in prices for energy resources and food products, but stressed that at a time when the West is paying for Russia’s war against Ukraine with money, Ukrainians are paying with blood.

“What we have seen in the last few months are horrific attacks on civilians, residential areas, critical civilian infrastructure, and schools and hospitals with a high number of civilian casualties. Deliberately targeting civilian infrastructure and the civilian population is a war crime, and therefore it is extremely important to conduct an investigation, to establish all the facts, ”Stoltenberg said.

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