“If Putin is removed, it will be really bad”: why Russians still believe in propaganda, expert explained

Nikolay Polozov. Photo: Facebook

Despite the fact that the life of Russians is getting worse and worse, the main leitmotif of the Russian propaganda remains the thesis “if Putin is removed, it will be very bad.” And propagandists, despite the repression and persecution of citizens, still manage to create a beautiful picture, misleading millions of residents of the Russian Federation. This opinion was voiced by Russian lawyer Nikolai Polozov on the FREEDOM TV channel.

“The Russian authorities simply nip in the bud any attempt by citizens to resist so that no one interferes with their creation of a beautiful propaganda picture that still manages to brainwash tens of millions of Russians. And in this sense, indeed, the lack of resonance with the Kremlin’s hesitations entails repressions, and across the entire spectrum of the political field, from some liberals to the same terrorist Girkin, ”said the lawyer.

The Kremlin has created conditions in the Russian Federation under which people have no prospects and no confidence in the future, Polozov says.

“The Russians are in a state of complete uncertainty, apathy. Despite the fact that initially the social contract with the same current Kremlin authorities was that they delegate their rights to dispose of the executive power to President Putin personally, and in return he ensures their well-being, their security, and so on, ”the human rights activist noted.

But now everyone is in a situation in which the rights were delegated, but everyone forgot what they were. Everything is literally allowed to Putin, Polozov added.

“Putin was allowed to do everything, because he is supposedly doing an important job. And despite the fact that it is getting worse and worse, the main leitmotif is no matter how worse things happen, they say, if Putin is removed, it will be very bad. And in this state, in such a lethargic dream, the Russian population has been living for quite a long time, ”Polozov summed up.

Earlier, Olga Kurnosova, a political analyst and editor-in-chief of the After empire portal, said that there are no legal ways to protest in the Russian Federation today. There are no rallies, it is impossible to go out even in a single picket. And now in Russia quite a Stalinist atmosphere reigns.

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