If Melitopol is not liberated, the de-occupation of the south of Ukraine will be impossible: an interview with mayor Fedorov

Today, the city of Melitopol is the center of the temporarily occupied territory of the Zaporozhia region. Without his release, the de-occupation of the south of Ukraine, including the Crimean peninsula, is impossible. This was stated by the mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, on the air of the marathon “Ukraine Speaks” on TV channels “Dom” and UA.

The mayor of Melitopol explained why the Russian occupiers so insistently want to hold a “referendum” there:

“Zaporozhia region has always been a sphere of interest for the occupiers. Despite this, the Ukrainian troops demonstrated the Russians a tough defense here. The inability of the invaders to move closer to Zaporozhia confirms this.

Melitopol became the center of the temporarily occupied Zaporozhia region. The city has always been the logistical and commercial center of the south. This is the gate to the Crimea. Moreover, without the liberation of Melitopol, the de-occupation of the entire south of Ukraine is impossible, and of course, there can be no de-occupation of Crimea. Therefore, today they have chosen the city of Melitopol as their base.”

He also stressed that less than 10% of the city’s residents were ready to support the Russian occupiers. Collaborators will soon have a hard time:

“There can be no talk of holding a “referendum” and “elections” because it’s all fake. The local Gauleiter has less than 10% popular support.”

Fedorov is sure that both the occupying power and the collaborators who undertook to help in organizing the so-called “referendum” will have to be punished:

“There is already the first statement from our partisans and resistance forces. They completely destroyed headquarters of “United Russia” on the territory of Melitopol, which was actively involved in the process of holding a pseudo-referendum. There is a statement by our resistance forces that all collaborators who are ready to assist this incomprehensible act called “referendum” will definitely bear their punishment. Fast, crisp, and hard.”

According to him, the collaborators have only two options:
– the first: to be killed by the special services of the Russian Federation,
– the second: to be attracted to responsibility in accordance with Ukrainian legislation:

“The first option is less painful, but faster. The second is responsibility in accordance with the laws of Ukraine on collaboration, treason, and so on. This is a longer, more painful path, but with a chance to live in freedom for some 10 years. There is no third option.”

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