Hungary blocks EU’s 13th sanctions package against Russia – FT

Viktor Orban. Photo: Viktor Orban/X

Hungary has blocked the approval of the 13th sanctions package against Russia due to its aggression in Ukraine ahead of the 2-year anniversary of the full-scale war.

That is according to Financial Times.

Hungary was the only country to speak against the 13th package of sanctions, affecting nearly 200 individuals and organisations from Russia, China, and other countries that repeatedly showed they were assisting Moscow in its war against Ukraine.

The latter state is probably the reason for Hungary opposing the newly developed package. Hungary’s representatives objected to including Chinese companies in the sanctions list . Chinese enterprises have not been among sanctioned companies before. 

The Hungarian ambassador requested “a bit more time to analyse the content of the proposals.”

FT sources suggest that discussions are likely continue, and EU states’ ministers will raise this issue in next week’s meeting. 

Those who are in favour of sanctions hope to reach an agreement by next Wednesday to meet the deadline of 24 February. 

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