How the Armed Forces of Ukraine are holding Bakhmut – a report from the defense line

Thousands of servicemen from different branches of the armed forces are holding the defense of the city of Bakhmut in the Donetsk region today. The Ukrainian army is doing everything possible to prevent the advance of the enemy and the subsequent occupation of the settlements of Donbass, reports FREEDOM.

There is almost never silence in the Bakhmut direction. The Russian military is trying to break through the defenses of the Ukrainian defenders and capture Bakhmut, as well as the surrounding settlements. Often, the border guards are the first to meet the enemy. As part of one of the units defending the direction, there are residents of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. The guys defend their native land, and also make efforts to de-occupy those cities and villages that have already been occupied by the enemy army.

The long-term defensive point of the defenders is equipped with a Soviet Degtyarev-Shpaginov machine gun (DShK). The weight of the structure is several tons, it can withstand a hit from a tank or a mortar.

“A long-term defensive point from which a soldier from three windows can directly fire. It consists of a room for ammunition, as well as a room where a soldier enters, closes the door and takes a position where he can be with a partner and work for the DShK. We are now recording the advance of the enemy. It is directly located in the area of settlements. Therefore, a decision was made by the top leadership to equip such pillboxes directly near company strongholds on the roads in order to hold back the onslaught of the enemy, ”comments Serhiy, a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

There are many such defensive fortifications in the Bakhmut direction. The unit, if necessary, is ready to meet the enemy in full combat readiness, having extensive combat experience behind them. In addition, not only the Soviet heritage is already in service, but, for example, the American Stinger portable anti-aircraft missile system. It is designed to destroy helicopters or unmanned aerial vehicles. With its help, Ukrainian soldiers often shoot down enemy drones. The range of missiles is up to 5 km.

“When identifying targets at the command of the company commander, I catch the target. When caught on the fly, I release rockets. Then, when I hit the target, I pull out the fuse, the battery, remove the trigger mechanism, throw the pipe away, ”said serviceman Serhii.

Immediately after work, the Stinger is masked with a dark film so that the enemy does not see where the weapons of the Ukrainian defenders are stored. During the rare hours of relative calm, the soldiers are busy reinforcing the trenches.

“Here we make the walls ourselves so that they don’t crumble. We use boxes of ammunition. We strengthen, finish building, in order to more comfortably perform combat missions. We have a position for firing from a machine gun. We are on a high. If the enemy rises, then there is good visibility for us, ”explains serviceman Sergei.

Enemy drones often circle the skies above the positions. Ukrainian servicemen are monitoring their movement. Russian “Orlans”, “Maviks” or kamikaze “Lancets” land with the help of an anti-drone gun. The muffler operates 360 degrees.

“The portable anti-drone gun is our Ukrainian development. There are American, Polish. This one is ours. It creates interference at high frequencies and breaks the connection between the copter and the operator. And the copter automatically starts to descend. Works very simply. You press the button and that’s it,” Danil, a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said.

The fighters are equipped with everything necessary to effectively deter the enemy and are ready to fight back. Everyone dreams of a speedy victory and return home.

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