House Speaker requestes one-on-one meeting with Biden on aid for Ukraine and Israel — NBC

House Speaker Mike Johnson. Photo: House Speaker Mike Johnson/X

House Speaker Mike Johnson wants to meet with President Joe Biden privately before the House of Representatives proceeds with an aid package that provides funding for Ukraine and Israel, a source close to Johnson said.

Johnson’s requests for a meeting may not necessarily consider the Senate’s version of the supplemental aid that the Senators passed with 70 votes on February 13, 2024, but rather discussing such legislation in general.

The media claims Johnson has already approached the White House officials several times in recent months.

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-La) says that Biden “refuses” to meet with Johnson.

“Ultimately, the two of them could come to an agreement that can become law, and yet the president refuses to even meet. So the president can’t say he’s serious about Ukraine or the border when he refuses to meet with the speaker so they can come to an agreement on this issue,” stated Scalise.

According to NBC, the White House administration dislikes Johnson’s inconsistencies on the border, saying he holds negotiations with himself instead of meeting national security needs.

Biden met with Johnson and other congressional leaders less than a month ago. They discussed a bipartisan deal which was then relevant, and Johnson called the meeting productive.

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