Global News Forum-2020 in Kyiv

Photo Copyright Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union

In 2020, Ukraine will host a large-scale international media event – Global News Forum.

Representatives of 100 leading broadcasters and from more than 30 countries are expected to attend.

The July 13-15 event is to be organized by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) and UATV broadcast channel.

This year, TRT co-organized the Global News Forum, from July 29-31 in Istanbul. During the Istanbul forum, it was announced that Kyiv would hold the next one.

“The Global News Forum is a news forum is for TV executives and editors-in-chief. This is one of the most important events for TV channels, and UATV received the right to host it next year in Ukraine,” Director-General of SE Multimedia Platform of Foreign Broadcasting of Ukraine Lyudmyla Berezovska said.

“We carefully select topics, speakers, participants, guests, so in general, preparing for the forum is a long process that takes about six months,” said Wendy Everett, ABU News Director and Event Organizer in Istanbul.

The Global News Forum, which was held in Istanbul on July 29-31, was devoted to the topic “Trust and Truth in Journalism.”

Forum participants discussed the issues of confronting fake news, building audience confidence, the need to adhere to ethics in the coverage of humanitarian crises, conflicts and natural disasters, and the strength and dangers of global journalism in the context of Jamal Hashoggi’s death.

Ukraine was represented at the forum by Director-General Lyudmyla Berezovska and Deputy General Director for Information Policy, Chief Editor, Tetyana Ovdienko.

They gave a presentation about the UATV broadcast channel and its collaboration with ABU, and spoke about Ukraine, and how it will be the site of the next Global News Forum.