Ghost Ship Found in Myanmar Waters

Photo from Facebook/Yangon police

Fishers in Myanmar were surprised when they came across a giant “ghost ship” devoid of crew and cargo drifting near the Yangon region.

The vessel, PB 1600, was lost about 10 years ago. Now the ship has run aground on the shores of Myanmar. It was searched by local police.

According to the Marine Traffic website, which lists the movements of ships around the globe, the vessel was built in 2001 and had a deadweight of 26,500 tonnes with a length of more than 177 meters, Jakarta Post wrote.

Two cables were found at the head of the vessel indicating that it was being.

A second ship, the ‘Independence,’ with  13 Indonesian crew members was found 80 kilometers away from the abandoned old ghost-vessel. As it turns out, that crew had been towing the “ghost ship” to a Bangladeshi ship-breaking factory to be cut into pieces. A rather controversial factory, incidentally, as critics say its poorly regulated and dangerous to workers.

As a result of bad weather conditions, the two cables attached to the ship broke. The Indonesian crew decided to abandon the ship and it drifted on, on its own.