German government appoints gas transit commissioner for Ukraine

Photo: Ukrinform

Germany has appointed Georg Waldersee as the Commissioner for Gas Transit to Ukraine.

This was reported by UA with reference to DW.

With this appointment, the German government fulfills its obligations under an agreement with the United States to resolve the dispute over the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

The Ministry of Economy and Energy of the Federal Republic of Germany indicated that the German government will make efforts to “continue the gas transit agreement between Ukraine and Russia for up to ten years” to ensure transit at the end of the current contract, which expires at the end of 2024.

The Commissioner should act as an intermediary and consultant for both parties and the European Commission, the United States and third countries in order to achieve an extension of the gas transit contract. This will be in the interests of all parties. His tasks will include the development of a compromise, in particular.

Previously, U.S. Secretary of State has appointed an advisor for Nord Stream 2.