French parliament calls for “lifting taboo” on Ukraine’s use of Western weapons against Russia

Illustrative image. Photo: the 92nd Separate Assault Brigade Named after Kish Ataman Ivan Sirko

The chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the French National Assembly, Jean-Louis Bourlanges, calls on France to change its doctrine and join the UK and the US in allowing Ukraine to use their weapons to strike Russia.

The statement was published by Le Figaro.

“This change in doctrine is absolutely legitimate, as it puts an end to the unacceptable asymmetry between the position of the aggressor and the position of the victim of aggression,” Jean-Louis Bourlanges, stated, adding that the right to self-defence excludes the right to sanctuary of the aggressor’s territory.

He is convinced that a rebalancing of forces and the restoration of symmetry in strategic positions are required to show Putin his plans are not so be successful.

““In the name of what should we deny the Ukrainians the right to respond to the attacks of which they are victims?” the MP asks in his appeal.

The French politician claims that all Ukraine’s allies, including France, are determined to remain non-belligerent, but this is a matter of “lifting an unjustified taboo”.

The Russian Ministry of Defense previously accused France of allowing French Hammer guided aerial bombs to be used in the Russian Belgorod region, bordering the Ukrainian Kharkiv oblast, where the Russians are currently trying to advance.

The US government has changed its stance on Ukraine hitting targets inside Russia, now saying Ukraine is to decide on how to wage the war for its territories.

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