France to send Ukraine another batch of Aster SAMs

Aster 15 launch. Photo: MBDA

French Minister of Armed Forces Sebastien Lecornu promised a new batch of Aster missiles for the SAMP-T air defense system already deployed in Ukraine.

The minister said this at a hearing of the National Assembly, Le Monde reported.

“I have just signed the documents regarding the second batch of Aster missiles that will allow the SAMP-T medium-range anti-aircraft missile systems that we have transferred together with our Italian partners to continue operations,” the minister announced.

The missiles are a part of the aid package that France announced on March 31, it also includes hundreds of armoured vehicles withdrawn from the French military.

Lecornu did not disclose the number of missiles and the timeline of deliveries. France has stated that it is trying to decrease the order execution time in half while simultaneously increasing the volume of missile output by 50%.

On May 14, French President Emmanuel Macron promised Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy more necessary French weaponry would reach Kyiv soon.

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