Former Officials Behind the Euromaidan Shootings Will Be Convicted This Year

Photo Ukrinform-UATV


According to the General Prosecutor of Ukraine, Yuriy Lutsenko, the trial in absentia of former Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych, former head of the Security Services of Ukraine (SBU), Oleksandr Yakymenko, and his first deputy, Volodymyr Totskii, will begin this year.

They are being tried for organizing shootings on Maidan protestors in 2014, Ukrinform reported.

“This case should begin this year, and finally inform the community about those who killed more than a hundred unarmed compatriots and injured thousands of them. This process, like Yanukovych’s treason, concerns the entire former political system of Ukraine, as well as the future of Ukraine, which should never be repeated, not even in the theory,” Lutsenko said.

He said that since the beginning of the Maidan investigations that started four years ago, more than 400 people, with almost 50 of them being high officials, and more than 200 law enforcement officers, have already been served with charge sheets.

“Lying on the couch and pressing the computer’s keyboard with words of treason can’t do anything good for the Maidan victims. If there’s a desire to help, go to the court and listen to the process. If there’s no such desire, at least, don’t stop the prosecutors and investigators from doing their job,” Lutsenko said.

50 people have already been found guilty in the Maidan cases.