For Russian troops, the situation at the front will worsen in winter – the military expert named the reasons

The Ukrainian army is better equipped and ready to fight in the winter, and the Russians are in a more difficult position. Sergey Grabsky, a military expert, and a participant in peacekeeping missions in Kosovo and Iraq, said this on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel.

“Of course, we understand that the Ukrainian army, which has been fighting continuously for eight years, the fighters who have gone through multiple rotations and have experience in fighting in winter conditions, is objectively better equipped. I will not say that it is fully equipped. There are problems, we can also talk about this for a long time, but it is still better equipped, prepared for operations in winter conditions, ”the expert concluded.

And the Russian army and those units that operate in Ukraine are not so equipped and not so trained, Grabsky believes.

“Based on the tasks that are set for the Russians, namely to keep the defense, because they are now defending almost all sectors of the front, with the exception of Donetsk, the situation will look more complicated for them. Because, not being able to maneuver, and not having sufficient supplies that would ensure the continuation of hostilities in the winter, I mean offensive hostilities, they are in a more difficult position. We will see how the situation will develop in the near future, because, according to forecasts, frosty weather is already approaching us,” Grabsky said.

Earlier, according to Sergei Grabsky, with the onset of winter, the intensity of artillery shelling from Russia increases. The occupiers will try to hold back the advance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and put up a “fire barrier”. But the Ukrainian side will be able to carry out deeper maneuvers.

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