First Lady Olena Zelenska spoke about the situation of Ukrainian families during the war

The First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska gave an interview to the British newspaper The Guardian, in which she spoke, in particular, about the situation of Ukrainian families during the war.

“Half of Ukrainians today live apart from their families. This is one of the most difficult ordeals of wartime,” she said.

The President’s wife also informed about the program of psychological support for the citizens of Ukraine, launched at her initiative: “Ukrainians are not used to seeking help from psychologists. We tend to ignore depression or anxiety. But now we all need to reconsider these stereotypes. And it will take a big information campaign to prove to people that it is not their fault that they need psychological help now. It is necessary to apply for it and there is a place to apply to.”

“It was a surreal feeling … like I was playing a computer game and had to pass certain levels to find myself back at home. But I was also keeping it together, and I had this weird smile on my face all day, because I was trying not to show the children panic. We just followed the orders of security, went where we were told,” she says.