First Lady Olena Zelenska announced the second Summit of First Ladies and Gentlemen at the conference in Lugano

Wife of the President of Ukraine Olena Zelenska will hold the second Summit of First Ladies and Gentlemen on July 23. She announced this during an online speech at the Ukraine Recovery Conference in Lugano (Switzerland).

“Very often, when talking about reconstruction, they mean the post-war restoration of buildings, infrastructure and the economy. This is undoubtedly important. But any discussions about the post-war recovery of Ukraine do not make sense if they do not prioritize the recovery of people’s moral and physical health,” said Olena Zelenska.

The central topic of the event will be human, human capital. According to official statistics, more than eight million internally displaced persons are currently registered in Ukraine. Another six million were forced to move abroad.

“At the Summit, we will discuss the post-war future of Ukraine and the world. How can the state invest in people so that it gives impetus to the country’s development. I think this conversation will be useful for the whole world. After February 24, not only Ukraine – the whole world changed. It will not be the same as before the Russian invasion. And Ukraine’s experience in overcoming the crisis caused by the war should help fight similar or other crises, the number of which, unfortunately, is not decreasing in the world,” said Olena Zelenska.