Filtration camps are another fact on the list of war crimes of the Russian Federation for consideration by a special tribunal, – executive director of the Ukrainian Helsinki Union for Human Rights

Alexander Pavlichenko. Screenshot:

Large-scale construction has begun in the Volga region of Russia, which is officially positioned as the creation of children’s pioneer camps. In fact, these places will serve as filtration zones to test citizens for loyalty to the occupying power. Human rights activist, executive director of the Ukrainian Helsinki Union for Human Rights (UHHR) Alexander Pavlichenko spoke about this on the TV channel.

The human rights activist noted that the first filtration camps were organized by Russia in the spring of 2022.

“These were filtration points where they transported those Ukrainians who aroused some suspicion and whom they allowed to pass freely through the occupied Ukrainian territory or directly through the territory of the Russian Federation. As of 2022, more than 150 such detention facilities were known to exist. According to the information of Russian volunteers who visited and supplied these filtration points, they had different openness and closedness,” the expert specified.

According to him, if we talk about Russian filtration camps, the most brutal conditions of detention are in those filtration places through which the civilian population evacuating from the combat zone passes.

“Anyone who arouses suspicion is regarded by the Russians as combatants. Russia classifies them as those who fight back or resist the so-called special military operation. This is grounds for detention without any other suspicions or charges. Often those who were detained later ended up in prison in a completely different region of Russia. By the way, such actions on the part of the Russian Federation are qualified as a war crime and must necessarily be the subject of consideration by a special tribunal,” the human rights activist noted.

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Let us remind you that a special tribunal for Putin may appear by the end of 2024 – the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe instructed the Secretary General to prepare documents for concluding an agreement between Ukraine and the Council of Europe on the creation of such an institution.