Famous Ukrainian women appeared as the princesses of Kievan Rus’

Photo by usba.com.ua

Famous modern women of the fields of culture and public activity acted as princesses of Kievan Rus, – stated the website of the Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association.

As it was mentioned, Iryna Palamar – the head of the Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association and co-owner of AVA Group, initiated the creation of calendar, designer Kateryna Potlova acted as the stylist and author of the characters.

Photoproject is devoted to the glorification of the Ukrainian woman in the creation of the history of mankind and the anniversary of the Kievan Rus’.

“Ukrainian women, who are naturally endowed with acute intelligence, unrestrained energy, open-mindedness and unwavering will, women rulers, as well as men, executed state affairs, passed laws and established diplomatic relations,” – says Iryna Palamar, the initiator of the project. – “And, in many ways, thanks to them Kievan Rus’ became famous not only as one of the largest states of Medieval Europe, but also as the most developed country with a high level of culture and education.”

Famous representatives of that monumental era who, thanks to their unrestrained energy and sharp mind conducted their state affairs, laws and diplomatic relations alongside with men, inspired the project.

First deputy head of the Ministry of Justice Natalia Bernatska also took part in the photoproject.

“I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to participate in the monumental photoproject – the calendar for 2018 ‘The magnificent era of the Ukrainian woman’, where modern women appeared in character of the princesses of Kievan Rus’. We are proud of our great history!” – wrote Bernatska on her Facebook page.