Facebook tests the button for complaints

Photo from Ukrinform–UATV

Facebook developers test a button that allows expressing negative attitude to the comments of other users. Testing called “downvote” is still in the US only.

This is reported by Gazeta.ua.

A Facebook representative said that the downvote button is an easy way to draw Facebook’s attention to the fact that the comment is inappropriate.

“We aren’t testing the dislike button. We are exploring an option, which allows giving a feedback on comments,” the developers said.

You can mark the comment as Offensive, Misleading or Irrelevant to the Topic.

The button will allow users to “lower” the position of certain comments. As a result, readers will see them with less probability. The tool is designed to fight against insults and trolling. So far, it has appeared on public pages only.

It’s worth noting that neither the commentator nor the complaining users will see the number of complaints received.