Explosions reported at MESKO arms factory in Poland, – RMF 24

Elzbieta Sreniawska, President of MESKO. Photo: mesko.com.pl

On June 10, a fire broke out at the MESKO arms factory in Skarzysko-Kamiennam, Poland.

This was reported by RMF 24.

“We had an explosion at the rocket fuel center, which was put into operation a few years ago,” Elzbieta Sreniawska, MESKO President, told RMF 24.

The local authorities have reported that 1 worker died and while the other was hospitalized.

This incident continues the series of suspicious events in Poland, including several arsons, as well as in other countries providing major support for Ukraine. Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk previously suggested that Russians could have been responsible for them.

Mesko signed a contract for the supply of various ammunition to Ukraine in 2022.

Earlier, Tusk launched a special commission to look into Belarus and Russia’s influence in Poland as 13 individuals were arrested due to the allegations that they were involved in sabotage on behalf of Russia.

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