Every third Ukrainian supports Zelenskyy, the expert explained why

Photo: the OP

Given the presidential election takes place this Sunday every third Ukrainian would support Volodymyr Zelenskyy. This is the data of the sociological research by the “Rating” group, UA reports.

This situation is not typical for Ukrainian politics, as usually the head of state traditionally loses support during the first year of presidency.

“President Zelensky has managed to find some effective mechanism for demonstrating that he has some results. The turning point was the introduction of sanctions against Medvedchuk and his TV channels, and in general – the beginning of persecution of the pro-Russian politicians. His predecessor Petro Poroshenko hadn’t managed to start it”. – political expert Petro Oleshchuk said, commenting on the results of the social survey.

The level of support of the president is also influenced by a number of initiatives implemented, the expert noted.

“The “Crimean Platform”, “Big Construction”, sanctions policy, de-oligarchization – I think all this in a complex affects the support of President Zelenskyy. He is supported, including if compared to his predecessor”, – Oleschuk said.

At the same time, according to the survey, Petro Poroshenko heads the presidential anti-rating: 46% of respondents said they would not vote for him under any circumstances.

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