European Parliament demands Patriots for Ukraine, suspends Council financing vote

European Parliament. Photo: European Parliament video archive (screenshot)

European Parliament refuses discharge of the European Council budget unless the Council provides Ukraine with additional Patriot air-defense systems.

Guy Verhofstadt announced this on X.

Guy Verhofstadt, former Belgian Prime Minister, the Renew Europe political faction MEP, was the one to propose removing budget approval from the European Council agenda until member countries can find at least seven Patriot systems for Ukraine’s urgent needs.

Verhofstadt referred to a statement made earlier by Josep Borrell who pointed out that the West was not able to deliver even 7 critical for Ukraine Patriot batteries.

“As you have seen, over the last 20 days, there have been numerous attacks by the Russians on the ordinary cities of Ukraine – hospitals, power installations, apartment blocks. It seems scandalous to me that the European Council, saying that it is opening the door to Ukraine, at the same time is not even able to resolve the issue and send a certain number of anti-missile systems to Ukraine in such an urgent situation. In total, there are 100 of the Patriot systems in Europe. And they are asking for seven to protect their cities,” Verhofstadt said in a speech published on X.

515 MEPs approved the decision not only by voting, but also by a round of applause. The decision has already been called “unprecedented”.

Previously, Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General called on the allies to urgently look for air defense systems for Ukraine.

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