EU Approves New Sanctions Targeting Chemical Weapons

Photo from Ukrinform–UATV

The European Union Council has adopted a new sanctions regime in response to the use and distribution of chemical weapons, the Council reported.

Sanctions will be imposed on persons and entities who are directly responsible for the development and use of chemical weapons; those who provide financial, technical or material support, and those who assist, encourage or are associated with them, regardless of their nationality and location.

Sanctions include a travel ban to the EU, as well as an asset freeze for individuals and business entities.

EU persons and organizations are forbidden from making funds available to those sanctioned.

“This decision contributes to the EU’s efforts to counter the proliferation and use of chemical weapons which poses a serious threat to international security. It supports the global prohibition of chemical weapons as laid down by the Chemical Weapons Convention, against a background of increasing chemical attacks in various parts of the world,” the Council said.