Estonia sends request to Germany for approval of arms supplies to Ukraine


Estonia has appealed to Germany for approval of deliveries to Ukraine of a 122-mm howitzer manufactured in Germany, Deutsche Welle has reported, citing a spokesman for the German Ministry of Defense.

This was reported by UA with reference to Interfax.

“Germany has received a request from Estonia to approve the supply of howitzers to Ukraine. The request is being studied and is ‘under departmental approval,’ the secretary of the German Ministry of Defense said on Thursday evening, January 20. The process should be coordinated with Finland,” the ezine reported.

It is clarified that the guns that are planned to be transferred to Ukraine were manufactured in Germany, and sold to Finland in the 1990s.

As reported, the Estonian Ministry of Defense announced its intention to supply Ukraine with Javelin anti-tank missiles, as well as 122-mm howitzers. In addition, Estonia also plans to increase the so-called “soft aid”, including preparing for the dispatch of a mobile field hospital complex, training Ukrainian military medics to work on it.

Earlier, Estonian Ambassador to Ukraine Kaimo Kuusk said that Estonia is ready to provide Ukraine with the most modern field hospital for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in eastern Ukraine.

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